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Avoiding The Hazards

    In 2005, Tiger Woods won his eleventh major, the British Open, and only used his driver once in the entire four rounds. While others were trying to capitalize on the roll they would get bombing it off the tee, Tiger was orchestrating a controlled trip around the course purposed on missing the bunkers. He knew that avoiding the hazards offered the best chance to win.

    Our financial course is covered with hazards, some you can’t even see from the tee box. Increasing taxes, interest on debt, credit cards,and car payments, mortgage decisions, stock market corrections and more. It is tempting to take unnecessary risk hoping to clear the hazard only to find ourselves in the middle of a bunker, out of bounds or in the water with no chance to advance the ball. Pay attention to the financial bunkers in your path and avoid them. In golf, risk takers do win on occasion but those who win consistently have learned to avoid trouble.