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Establishing a Trusted Contact Person

    A “Trusted Contact Person” (TCP) is someone who you have authorized as a point of contact for your advisor if your advisor has concerns you are being financially exploited or are showing signs of diminished mental capacity. Your TCP cannot make financial decisions on your behalf, nor can they make transactions or changes to your account. They also cannot be given access to information about your account. You can appoint more than one TCP, and you can change them at… Read More »Establishing a Trusted Contact Person

    How to Eat an Elephant

      The common response to the question, “How does one eat an elephant?” is, “One bite at a time”. Similar advice is routinely offered to anyone setting off on an unfamiliar trek, “A successful journey starts with the first step.” When it comes to developing a funding plan for University, the same daunting question arises, “Where do we start?” Just like developing a plan for vacation, some simple initial steps are required. First, before committing to a particular vacation destination, one… Read More »How to Eat an Elephant

      Getting On In Regulation

        For many of us, just getting on is an accomplishment and getting on in regulation is a dream come true. Getting on in regulation gives us a great chance to make par and from time to time even a birdie. Finding ourselves on the putting surface tends to reduce the pressure of getting the ball up and down for a par. Unfortunately, there are times when we three putt, but hopefully those are few and far between. There are many… Read More »Getting On In Regulation

        New Grips

          Golf technology is changing almost faster than one can keep up and if you are serious about your game then you may need to get rid of the persimmon head driver your father left you and look into what is available today. For us weekenders, keeping up with the newest equipment and buying new clubs is probably not going to have that big of an impact on our game. Remember it is not the club but the swing which is… Read More »New Grips

          Fair Weather Golfer

            Bob Hope once said when asked about his golf ability that he shoots in the low 70’s. He said he does not like to play if it gets any hotter than that. A temperature of 70 and no wind sounds perfect, but those days are rare unless you are fortunate to live in San Diego. For the rest of us, we are forced to play in all different kinds of weather. Perhaps you have been known to tee it up… Read More »Fair Weather Golfer

            Hook Or Slice \ Fade Or Draw

              Every golfer understands these terms. The Fade or Draw are both good shots and shots that every golfer would like to have the ability to hit upon command. Usually, our natural shot is either one or the other and few can master the ability to hit either. The difference between a Fade or Draw and a Hook or Slice is control. The Hook and Slice are both out of control shots. The hook is an out of control draw and… Read More »Hook Or Slice \ Fade Or Draw

              Course Management

                Course management, what is that? For many of us the closest we come to course management is trying to decide which course to play? The professionals walk the course with their caddie and play every shot in their mind before they even get out their clubs. They have determined which holes favor their game and which have the potential to cause them trouble. They know where the best opportunities on the course lie for them to be aggressive and which… Read More »Course Management

                Black, Blue, White Or Gold?

                  What set of tees are you playing from? Playing from the tips brings a whole new meaning to the game of golf. For most of us weekend golfers, playing from the back tees would only lead to another round of frustration rather than a wonderful day on the links. Unless you are planning to go on tour or trying to win your club championship, you should wisely consider playing from the tees that best reflect your skill level. Having a… Read More »Black, Blue, White Or Gold?


                    There are lots of golfers that play the game and have a wonderful time and never keep score. This is usually a sign of someone who is just starting out learning how to play. We all remember how much fun it was just to be on the course and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Everything changed when we made our first real par. Now we had a goal, we wanted to do it again, again and again. No longer were we… Read More »Scorecard

                    Improving Your Short Game

                      For most golfers, spending time on the driving range working on hitting our driver longer or straighter is time well spent and practice we tend to enjoy. There is just something about hitting the long ball over and over and the exhilaration of seeing the ball in flight. Spending a few hours working on our short game from the sand and rough can have a dramatic impact on our game. There is no question that getting off the tee is… Read More »Improving Your Short Game

                      Play From The Right Set Of Tees

                        There is nothing more frustrating than playing behind a foursome that is playing from the wrong set of tees. It is obvious to everyone on the course but them. They are playing from the black tees with a 30 handicap and a slim chance to ever see a par. The tips are designed with the most talented and skilled player in mind while the blue, white, and gold tees are less demanding. Playing from the wrong set of tees can… Read More »Play From The Right Set Of Tees

                        Don’t Forget Your Short Game

                          If you are going to increase your chances for par you are going to have to develop a good short game. Getting on in regulation on every hole for most of us is a dream and if you think about it the pros understand that they are not going to get on every time. Developing a touch around the green can increase your percentages like few other golf shots can do. Over the years I mastered the little bump and… Read More »Don’t Forget Your Short Game