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Avoiding The Losses Can Prove More Valuable Than Picking The Winners

    In the financial world the focus tends to move towards finding the best investments that pay the highest rates of return. The last few years have certainly proven that choosing the winners is not as easy as it may sound. There are really only two ways that one can help you financially. The first way is to help you find better investments that can potentially give you higher returns. The second way is to help you become more efficient by avoiding losses. While we help our clients find investments, that can potentially pay higher returns, we believe that focusing on avoiding one’s losses is the place to start. We are convinced that avoiding the losses can possibly prove more valuable over time than the gains received from picking the winners.

    There are two ways to fill up a bucket with holes. The first is to plug the holes, then the bucket will fill up even if the flow is a trickle. The second is to keep pouring more in. Which of these two strategies have you been employing in your present financial position? If you are like most of us you know that you need to pour more in, you need to be saving more money than you are putting away currently and but you are probably doing all you can possibly do. You have nothing else to pour in.

    We specialize in helping you plug the holes, so to speak. If you are interested in finding ways to potentially increase your savings and investment dollars by avoiding the losses and becoming more efficient with what you are currently doing without you having to change your present lifestyle, give me a call.