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Black, Blue, White Or Gold?

    What set of tees are you playing from? Playing from the tips brings a whole new meaning to the game of golf. For most of us weekend golfers, playing from the back tees would only lead to another round of frustration rather than a wonderful day on the links. Unless you are planning to go on tour or trying to win your club championship, you should wisely consider playing from the tees that best reflect your skill level.

    Having a beginner play from the wrong set of tees will only create frustration and disappointment. Don’t lose sight that golf is a game. It is designed for your enjoyment and pleasure from the experience. My golf coach told me that once I could shoot a par round from the white tees, I could move back to the blues and then the black.

    It makes sense to begin playing from a position that suits our present skill level and move to the back tees once our game is to a level that can support the shots required.

    Financially, it is possible for us to find ourselves in a similar position with our money as we do with our golf game. Investing in things we know little or nothing about can set us up for a financial round of frustration and disappointment. Struggling to do things financially that are outside our ability can produce the same levels of anxiety as trying to hit golf shots we are not skilled enough to hit.

    I am sure you have been invited to play in a foursome where you are the weakest player in the group and they are playing from tees you normally do not play from, which made you feel uncomfortable. Golf is just a game. However, for you to try to keep up with others financially by investing in things they are investing in that make you uncomfortable may be a hugemistake. Don’t be afraid to play your own game. Your friends that tells you they shot an 88 over the weekend and hearing their score makes you feel like your game is lacking. They probably forgot to mention that they played from the white tees and took three mulligans. It is just as easy for you to get the impression that everything your friends are doing financially is working great and you are the only one struggling. That false impression can encourage you to take risks you should not or need not take.

    Take a step back and examine your present financial position and determine if the tees you are playing from today are the ones you should be playing from or are you playing from the wrong set of tees. Now is good time to reassess your game, give us a call.