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Course Management

    Course management, what is that? For many of us the closest we come to course management is trying to decide which course to play? The professionals walk the course with their caddie and play every shot in their mind before they even get out their clubs. They have determined which holes favor their game and which have the potential to cause them trouble. They know where the best opportunities on the course lie for them to be aggressive and which holes they need to respect. They have reviewed each green taking notes as to the slope and sucker pin placements. They know which holes provide a reasonable reward for the level of risk that must be taken and which holes tempt you to go for it only to punish you in the end.

    Needless to say there is a great deal to know. In addition to all the things just mentioned, it is rare that the ball actually ends up where the player intended the shot to go so every shot changes how the hole needs to be played given this less than desirable position. Golf is a game of constant change and adaptation. No two rounds are the same and with the changing of pin placements no two holes are ever the same.

    Sounds a lot like our financial life doesn’t it? It makes perfect sense to plan the course of attack before one ever begins to play; however, very few have a well thought out financial picture of where they want to be and more importantly what it is going to take to get there.

    Just as in golf our financial life has so many things that can affect the outcome of the game: stock market gains and declines, real-estate market fluctuations, education costs, expenses and lifestyle costs, just to mention a few.

    The caddie walks with the player step by step, seeing the same things the player sees, feeling the same wind conditions, and with an intimate knowledge of the game and the players ability, stands ready to offer a qualified opinion when called upon.

    Managing your financial future is even more complicated than managing your trip around the course, and how well you do will impact your life today and during retirement as well as the legacy you leave for your children and grandchildren.

    Think about giving us a call and let’s talk about course management.