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Fair Weather Golfer

    Bob Hope once said when asked about his golf ability that he shoots in the low 70’s. He said he does not like to play if it gets any hotter than that. A temperature of 70 and no wind sounds perfect, but those days are rare unless you are fortunate to live in San Diego. For the rest of us, we are forced to play in all different kinds of weather. Perhaps you have been known to tee it up in the spring, when temperatures finally got to 40.

    If you have been playing golf for any length of time at all, you understand that the weather plays a major roll in the outcome of your golf round. The temperature can have an impact on concentration, either to cold or too hot, but wind seems to give amateurs fits. I remember going to Hawaii and telling my wife I was going to play golf every day. I played the first day and the winds were blowing over 30 miles an hour; I did not get my clubs out again the rest of the trip.

    Professionals do not have the choice to only play when the weather suits them. We have all watched tournaments where the players going off on the morning rounds got perfect weather with no wind and soft greens and those in the afternoon were treated to high winds and rain. The weather is part of the game.

    Financially speaking, we have to be ready for change and expect it. It seems that the financial markets can fluctuate much like the winds with the potential for severe weather that can potentially do a lot of damage. Perhaps you have even experienced some of the recent storms in your own finances.

    Make sure you are protected in the areas where there is protection available and don’t forget that storms do not last forever. Your financial future will not be a path without ups and downs and you can rest assured you will run into some rough weather along the way. Call us if you have concerns about any area where you do not feel prepared for the financial storms that will come your way.