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Getting On In Regulation

    For many of us, just getting on is an accomplishment and getting on in regulation is a dream come true. Getting on in regulation gives us a great chance to make par and from time to time even a birdie. Finding ourselves on the putting surface tends to reduce the pressure of getting the ball up and down for a par. Unfortunately, there are times when we three putt, but hopefully those are few and far between.

    There are many ways to get to the green. Sometimes we hit a great drive and are left with a short iron into the green. At other times, we did not get the distance off the tee we wanted, then we find ourselves with a tough but makeable long iron shot into the green. Keeping the ball in play is often the key factor in giving us the opportunity to get to the green. Even a long shot to the green beats having to hit from out of the woods or even worse take a drop from a shot hit out of bounds.

    Financially keeping the ball in play can make all the difference in success or failure. Hitting the ball long and straight is a sweet feeling, but long and out is a killer. Financially, everyone is looking for the magic product that will give them the highest potential returns, much like a golfer is looking for the longest hitting driver on the market. When it comes to our money liquidity, use, and control can be just as valuable, if not more valuable, than the rate of return.

    At retirement, they are not going to ask you what kind of income you want. Your financial scorecard will dictate how much you will be able to spend and how long what you have accumulated will last.

    In golf, they don’t ask you how, just how many. We have all witnessed those boring players that hit the ball straight down the middle every time, then on the green and in the hole with regularity. Most of us have more exciting games where we have to create spectacular shots to even have a chance to get on the green. It does keep things interesting, but when it comes to your financial future down the middle, on in regulation, and a two putt is a great way to play.