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Hook Or Slice \ Fade Or Draw

    Every golfer understands these terms. The Fade or Draw are both good shots and shots that every golfer would like to have the ability to hit upon command. Usually, our natural shot is either one or the other and few can master the ability to hit either. The difference between a Fade or Draw and a Hook or Slice is control. The Hook and Slice are both out of control shots. The hook is an out of control draw and the slice an out of control fade. Perhaps you have heard them called the “duck hook” or the “power fade.” Either of these shots usually robs us of distance, if we can even keep it in play, and most often result in out of bounds penalties or even a lost ball.

    When we begin playing golf, we are rarely blessed with the ability to hit the ball straight but are usually cursed with either the hook or the slice. We spend the rest of our golf career trying to tame the beast. It is amazing, but few golfers ever take a lesson except through trial and error (mostly error). They develop a swing that allows them to play. (Play being a relative term) After a few rounds, we have developed habits that with proper instruction will take an enormous amount of practice and will power to break.

    The key word is Control. Developing a controlled swing will most often produce the desired result of keeping the ball in the middle of the fairway. It is when we over swing or try to hit it too hard that we lose control of our swing, which produces an out of control ball flight path.

    Financially, control is just as important as it is in golf. Imagine if you will, someone who is trying to improve their financial position by swinging harder and harder, so to speak, by taking on more and more risk. Without proper instruction, it is possible to continue doing the same things one has been doing expecting different results simply by swinging harder.

    Financially, it is easy to believe that purchasing a new club is the answer to the problem. The solution to correcting a hook or a slice is in the swing, not the club.

    Don’t be fooled into believing that a new product will put you on the road to financial success. If you feel you are not hitting the ball down the middle financially, give us a call and let’s see if together we can improve your swing.