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New Grips

    Golf technology is changing almost faster than one can keep up and if you are serious about your game then you may need to get rid of the persimmon head driver your father left you and look into what is available today.

    For us weekenders, keeping up with the newest equipment and buying new clubs is probably not going to have that big of an impact on our game. Remember it is not the club but the swing which is most important. Perhaps you should consider getting new grips. Sometimes our grips can become hard and slick over time, which can affect your shot. The club is not the problem it is just that the club is turning in your hand rather than giving you that firm feeling of confidence when you swing. You might be amazed to discover just how good your set of sticks will feel and how good you will play with a new set of grips.

    Getting your swing back financially may not be as serious as getting out of the products you have and looking for new ones. Obviously, a club manufacturer’s rep would prefer to sell you a new set of clubs rather than a new set of grips. Before you throw out everything you have been doing in the past looking for something new, try something as simple as changing the grips.

    Perhaps that could mean rebalancing your portfolio more often than you have been doing in the past. It could mean taking a more active roll in the management of what your money is doing, getting a firmer grip on where you are today and where you are wanting to go in the future. New grips could mean increasing your current level of understanding about how to enhance the performance of the financial products you currently own and strategies that can help them perform at their maximum potential.

    Give us a call if you want to talk about how a new set of grips might be just the answer you are looking for to put your game back on track.