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Play From The Right Set Of Tees

    There is nothing more frustrating than playing behind a foursome that is playing from the wrong set of tees. It is obvious to everyone on the course but them. They are playing from the black tees with a 30 handicap and a slim chance to ever see a par. The tips are designed with the most talented and skilled player in mind while the blue, white, and gold tees are less demanding. Playing from the wrong set of tees can ruin a round of golf and leave you frustrated for days.

    While conquering the course from the most difficult layout definitely brings a rewarding sense of accomplishment one should not forget that the enjoyment of the round is also important. Someone just getting started in the game should not begin playing from the tees that are designed for the most seasoned professional. Playing from the right set of tees with your current skill level will not only enhance your enjoyment of the game today but will help to build your confidence level to one day be able to step up to the tee box that offers an even greater challenge.

    How does this idea have anything to do with your finances? Think about this. Just as a golfer playing from the wrong set of tees can experience a round of golf that has them thinking about taking up bowling, trying to do things with your money that are outside your ability can bring heartache and disappointment.

    It is important that you not try to play from the “tips” if you are not ready to do so. For example, it makes little sense for one to take investment risk while at the same time paying interest on credit cards and car payments. It would not be prudent for someone to take a chance on a long shot investment opportunity that might pay off with little to no emergency savings in place in the event it does not.

    Your money and your golf game have a great deal in common. We all remember those rounds when everything came together. Those days come because of all the time on the driving range and the rounds we played previously. It takes time to build the skill set and confidence level to turn in a solid round day after day. It is going to take effort and time to turn in a solid round financially as well.

    Improving your golf game is not always about hitting a perfect shot, but rather avoiding hitting the bad ones, the slice, the chili dip, the duff, the skull or even worse the shank. The same is true in the world of finance. Picking the best investment, the one that pays the highest returns is difficult at best if not impossible. Avoiding the areas of your financial life where you could be losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily can have a tremendous effect on your financial future.

    Make sure you are playing from the right set of tees financially, concentrate on avoiding the losses, and don’t forget to enjoy the round.