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Practice. Who Has Time For That?

    If you are like most golfers you can’t wait to play. The anticipation of the next round dominates our thinking. We live such busy lives with work, kids, chores and trying to keep up that when we have any time we want to play not practice.

    We may hit a few balls on the range before starting our round but seldom take the time for serious practice. We hurry to the first tee and are off for yet another mediocre round with the same bad habits we had the week before and the month before that and the year before that. Reports on a professional golfers practice schedule say they can hit as many as a thousand balls a day. There must be something to practice.

    Financially, we spend most of our time making money but little to no time learning how to master the use of it. Many golfers spend more time planning their next three day golf weekend than they do planning their financial future. Sad but true.

    We know our game would improve if we spent some time at the sand trap practice facility but we want to play. When we hit in a sand trap on the course and we will, we struggle sometimes taking several shots to get out when a few hours on the practice range would have made a huge difference.

    It is easy to find ourselves doing the same thing with our money. Because we have not done our homework we find ourselves making poor financial decisions, like bad shots, hoping our next shot will make up for our previous mistake. If your financial future depends on your next decision being a career shot…you had better rethink your position.