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The Club vs. The Swing

    Let’s assume that we are going to send you to play in the Masters, every golfer’s ultimate fantasy. There are two things you can choose from, you can pick only one. You can have the clubs of any player who has ever played the game of golf or you can have their ability, which would you choose?

    Certainly, you would choose their ability. The swing is more valuable than the clubs. Financially, what do the financial institutions deliver? They have products that we are going to call the clubs. You have to have clubs to play the game and you want the best clubs available, custom fit and designed specifically for you, yet most golfers buy their clubs off the discount rack. How many times have we purchased a new club thinking that it will improve our game? Certainly better technology can’t hurt but the fundamental issue is with our swing.

    When it comes to our money the right swing means we have learned to avoid the potential for loss, minimize our risk, and maximize our earning potential. The best clubs and a poor swing will keep you in amateur status. Fitted clubs and a great swing might fill a trophy case. You need both.

    I would love to get together with you and share some ideas that could possibly improve your financial swing and who knows, it may give you more time to perfect your golf swing.

    Give me a call and let’s schedule a tee time soon.