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Executor Duties

    A loved one or executor should contact, if applicable:

    • Utility companies (where the deceased had services)
    • Financial institutions (where the deceased had accounts)
    • Insurance companies (where the deceased had policies)
    • Canada Revenue Agency (income tax and benefits)
    • Service Canada (Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance benefits)
    • Provincial health insurance
    • Ministry of Transportation (driver’s license)
    • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (passport, permanent residence card)

    A deceased CPP contributor is generally entitled to a CPP Death Benefit of up to $2,500. Here is information on eligibility and how to apply. 

    A survivor spouse or child may be entitled to a CPP benefit (survivor’s pension or surviving child’s benefit). 

    A surviving spouse between age 60 and 64 may be entitled to the OAS Allowance for low-income spouses of Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) recipients. 

    Losing a loved one is always difficult. Some of their debts may be canceled upon their death, while others must be paid by their estate. In either case, loved ones are often tasked with settling their estate, and that can involve paying liabilities and applying for benefits. Although these things should ideally be done relatively soon after death, if someone is mourning and there is a delay, allowances are often made for that, and payments will generally be adjusted accordingly.