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Avoiding The Hazards

    In 2005, Tiger Woods won his eleventh major, the British Open, and only used his driver once in the entire four rounds. While others were trying to capitalize on the roll they would get bombing it off the tee, Tiger was orchestrating a controlled trip around the course purposed on missing the bunkers. He knew that avoiding the hazards offered the best chance to win. Our financial course is covered with hazards, some you can’t even see from the tee… Read More »Avoiding The Hazards

    Risk And Reward

      Golf course design is a thing of beauty and the variety of holes is what keeps us wanting to play every course on the planet. There are some par 5’s that are long with little trouble and are often birdied while others are almost impossible to reach in three. There are short par 4’s that are reachable with a great drive but offer no consolation for a ball miss hit. Like a downhill, dogleg left, 279 yard par 4, with… Read More »Risk And Reward

      You Drive For Show And Putt For Dough

        There is no doubt that hitting your driver on the screws 300 yards down the middle of the fairway is exhilarating. We love the feel of the club head speed and the sound the driver makes as it makes contact with the ball. How much time do you spend working on your putting vs hitting your driver? On the tour the slogan is “putt for dough”. Ask any professional and they will quickly tell you that the most valuable club… Read More »You Drive For Show And Putt For Dough

        Practice. Who Has Time For That?

          If you are like most golfers you can’t wait to play. The anticipation of the next round dominates our thinking. We live such busy lives with work, kids, chores and trying to keep up that when we have any time we want to play not practice. We may hit a few balls on the range before starting our round but seldom take the time for serious practice. We hurry to the first tee and are off for yet another mediocre… Read More »Practice. Who Has Time For That?

          Club vs. Swing

            For those of us who play, there is nothing better than the game of golf. We watch it on TV, read about it in books and magazines, and hope to learn that new tip that can take our game to the next level. Statistics show there are over 60 million golfers in the world today. Of those:   ∙ less than half ever break 100,   ∙ only 33% break 90, and   ∙ less than 5% will ever break… Read More »Club vs. Swing

            Average ROR vs. Real ROR

              The following is for illustrative purposes only, the returns used are not possible and are only used to illustrate a concept. Average does not mean the exact same thing as real. I have a friend that says that he and his wife average about 50 miles a week riding their bikes. When you first hear this you would think that they both ride together about 50 miles. The real story is that she rides about 100 miles a week and… Read More »Average ROR vs. Real ROR

              The Cost of Procrastination

                When it comes to putting money away for our retirement it is easy to believe that you have plenty of time to take care of it. It is an interesting thing about life that it seems to creep along looking forward, but flies when you are looking back. Do you remember when you could not wait to be a teenager and thought that day would never come? Well where did the time go? Procrastination is something many of us wrestle… Read More »The Cost of Procrastination

                Interest You Earn vs. Interest You Lose

                  Most of us are well aware of the interest we are earning or not earning in the money we have invested. What little time we spend thinking about how our money is doing is usually all spent on what is our rate of return, how much interest am I earning. There is another type of interest you may want to pay attention to and that is the interest you may be losing. There is interest paid when you finance a… Read More »Interest You Earn vs. Interest You Lose

                  Calculating Your Income And Wealth Potential

                    Over your lifetime you will earn a great deal of money. You may be surprised when you look at just how much you will earn over a lifetime. Your wealth and income potential is a combination of not only the amount you will earn over your lifetime, but what you would have if you could save and invest everything you make. Obviously that is not possible, but it does give you a different perspective. Here is a hypothetical example of… Read More »Calculating Your Income And Wealth Potential

                    Everything You Know You Think Is True

                      Most of us have an opinion about almost everything, especially those things we believe we know about. Unfortunately what we believe to be true may in fact not be true at all however we live our life believing that the things we know in fact are true. Obviously if you knew something was not true you would make adjustments immediately to your thought process. When it comes to understanding money and how it works it is quite easy to be… Read More »Everything You Know You Think Is True

                      Standing In The Tax Line

                        Given the option of earning more interest or less ,we are all in favor of earning higher interest rates on our investments. We have all been taught that investing money over a long time is a positive thing because of something known as the magic of compound interest. It is true that compounding your interest over time will cause it to grow however one of the things that is easy to miss is that as the account is growing, so… Read More »Standing In The Tax Line

                        Avoiding The Losses Can Prove More Valuable Than Picking The Winners

                          In the financial world the focus tends to move towards finding the best investments that pay the highest rates of return. The last few years have certainly proven that choosing the winners is not as easy as it may sound. There are really only two ways that one can help you financially. The first way is to help you find better investments that can potentially give you higher returns. The second way is to help you become more efficient by… Read More »Avoiding The Losses Can Prove More Valuable Than Picking The Winners